Break bulk cargo is non containerised and is usually transported as individual pieces due to cargo often being oversized and overweight meaning freight containers cannot accommodate the cargo. Cargoes include goods such as construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, yachts and steel etc. Due to reduction of costs and minimising the possibility of theft/ damage much of the worlds freight is now containerised meaning it fits into ISO standard containers but because of size/weight restrictions there is still a lot of cargo (such as oversized and heavyweight equipment) which has to be shipped break bulk.

The flexibility and range of Ocean Services offered by Fast & Accurate affords our customer economical alternatives to other more expensive modes of transportation. Our services cover not only shipments from port to port, but also the complete door-to-door transportation chain from origin to final destination.

Break Bulk Features & Benefits

Break bulk shipping is still used more frequently than you might think, especially in fields that need to move large or heavy goods, such as the petrochemical, oil and gas, energy, marine, and mining industries. Types of goods that are commonly transported in a break bulk shipment include timber, steel slabs, paper pulp, heavy machinery, and project cargo (such as power generating equipment and refinery equipment). Below are a few of the benefits of this shipping method:

It Allows Heavy Industry & Power Generation Businesses to Move Their Equipment: Some equipment, such as windmills and large drills, can only be transported using break bulk.

It Allows Goods to Enter Minimally-Developed Ports:Some smaller ports cannot accommodate large container ships or tankers, and in these cases, it may be necessary to use a smaller ship designed to carry broken down cargo.

It Makes It Easier to Keep Goods Separated: If your goods need to be delivered to their final destination in separate units, it may make more sense to utilize break bulk than to combine them in a container and separate them later.

Why Choose Fast n Accurate for Break Bulk Services?

Break bulk requires more third party handling than containerized cargo, and if you're shipping your goods this way, you need to make sure you're working with a freight forwarding company you can rely on. With over 10 years in the shipping industry and a history of handling challenging project cargo, Global Shipping Services has the experience necessary to facilitate your cargo transportation.

We oversee the entire shipping process, from loading the cargo to delivering it directly to its final destination. We can also provide inland transportation using flatbed trucks or even barges. And no matter how complex your move, we'll communicate with you throughout the transportation process so that you always know where your cargo is and how it's being handled.

While this shipping method is known for being more expensive than container shipping services, we will work with our extensive network of freight forwarding professionals to negotiate the best prices available.