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freight forwarding jeddah


Our warehouse is located within Jeddah Islamic Port, in the bonded free zone area with 3000 square meter in size We are close proximity to the airport, as well as most high profile highways in Jeddah We offer 24/7 security monitoring already included with every facility The zone has its own customs workforce accompanied by an on-site customs office for fast and transparent inspection of your cargo You will always have easy access to manpower and any equipment you might need to handle your cargo We offer a much higher level of operational productivity and greater amounts of savings when Tusdeer and its affiliate, RSGT are used together. The Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) is one of the most technologically advanced container terminals in the region.

Facilities in our warehouse:
  • Custom duty exemption
  • Savings on demurrage and rentals
  • Consolidation
  • Packing, re-packaging and Palletizing
  • Wrapping / Rewrapping
  • Re-stickering to allow for both release into the local market or re-export.
  • In addition, customers can combine cargo from local market suppliers with goods stored inside the zone for re-export purposes.